If you want to share your life with your cat then you have to develop certain habits:


  • When the kitten arrives in the unknown environment of your home, in the first few days try to close up any small spaces, under the sofa etc. Where the kitten could try to hide.
  • Always close the toilet lid and never allow the cat to drink this water.
  • Close of balconies and windows with nets (there are specific transparent nets for cats on sale).
  • Do not leave food around. Kittens are curious and will try and eat foods that it cannot digest. To avoid digestive problems get it used to high quality food from the start, specially formulated and balanced for its well-being.
  • Remove all medicine from reach. They can be fatal to a kitten, especially aspirin.
  • Keep out of reach cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, chocolate and onions. They can all be fatal if ingested.
  • Remove ‘pot-pourri’ which is present in any containers.
  • Remove from sight pins, needles, screws and any other small plastic and metal objects that could be attractive but fatal.
  • Remove balls of wool, string, hair elastics. They are dangerous to eat but could also cause strangulation.
  • Be aware of the toxicity of house plants, many of them are poisonous to cats. Some are lethal and others can cause organ failure or digestive problems. Warning : some plants do not give visible signs of poisoning but regular contact with them can slowly be fatal. Some toxic plants are : Oleanders, Dieffenbachia, Heather, Digitalis, Lilly of the valley, Laburnum, Wisteria, Daphne, Euphorbia (including Poinsettias), Datura, Taxus baccata, Hydrangea or Hydrangea Macrophylla.
  • Hide all electric cables from sight : TV, computer etc. Generally kittens up to 8 weeks of age are interested in these things but after 15 they lose interest. However consequences for a very curios kitten could be fatal. 
  • Hide  all chemical cleaning products, generally cats void chemical smells but they can lick the floor after cleaning. It is a good idea to air the room after cleaning or remove the cat to another area. Some products have a vinegar like component which can seem similar to the smell of urine for your cat and therefore encourage it to urinate in that area. 
  • Christmas tree – decorated and sparkling could be interesting for our Ragdoll, not because of climbing like other cats but because baubles on the lower branches will defentley attract it’s attention. Therefore the tree should be put up high in a safe place where it is not in danger of falling. Larger plastic ornaments can be put on lower branches which cannot be swallowed by the cat.